Officer Perez Recommends Daryl L. Jones

Good Evening,

I met you about four years ago at the Port while you were waiting to pick someone up, and we spoke about the current housing crisis.

About two years later I saw you again at the civil courthouse. I was there for a foreclosure case of my property, which I was representing myself. You asked me if you could see my paperwork and what was my defense. You then told me that I had a pretty good defense, but to just concentrate on the paperwork that didn’t have an endorsement, as you had just won a similar case on appeal, which was the ___ case. Well, I did just as you told me and the case was dismissed without prejudice. By that time you had left and I wasn’t able to say thank you.

Today, as I was reading the Herald you were on the picture of one of their articles about the County budget and I was able to get your name. So many times people are quick to write when they have a complain about someone, but not as quick to write to praise someone. For you it was just a simple kind gesture that you probably do every day, but for me it was of great help. As a Police Officer I know and understand that these simple gestures come with the job and we think nothing of it. But sometimes, they can cause a positive outcome as yours did in someone’s life.

So again, I would like to say thank you, and best of luck.

– Officer Perez