Daryl L. Jones

SENATOR Daryl L. Jones (Founder/Retired)

  • Former Florida State Senator
  • Retired United States Air Force Colonel/Fighter Pilot
  • Former Board Member, Great Florida Bank
  • Foreclosure Expert


  • University of Miami School of Law, Coral Gables, Florida – 1987; cum laude
  • United States Air Force Academy – 1977: with Honors


  • Orange Bowl Committee
  • Leadership Florida
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
  • Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity


  • Judge Peter Fay, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal Judicial Clerk
  • Dade County Attorney’s Office, Aviation Division

Notice: It is my pleasure to announce that effective May 31, 2023 this law firm’s Managing Partner, Ms. Faequa Khan, Esq., will become the owner of the Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones, P.A. I am confident she will continue to uphold the high standards of excellence instilled in this law firm. Since I founded this law firm in 2008, we have represented thousands of clients in the areas of foreclosure defense, real estate transactions, probate, wills and trusts, and estate planning. In the area of foreclosure defense litigation, we have successfully negotiated over 4,000 loan modifications which allowed these homeowners to remain in their homes free from the threat of foreclosure. Our overall success rate when representing these clients exceeds 90%.

My story: It wasn’t my plan to practice law defending the rights of homeowners. However, I came to understand the plight of distressed homeowners when I became one. When I decided to leave the Air Force while serving our country as a fighter pilot to go to law school, I realized I could not make my mortgage payment. So I negotiated with my lender and gave it a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Our family went through a very difficult time when we gave up our home. We moved on campus at the University of Miami where I attended law school. During this time my wife worked to support our family making $14K per year.

​In 1990 I was  elected to the Florida Legislature, serving as a State Representative for two years, and then as a State Senator where I served until 2002. During that time I amended Florida’s foreclosure laws about 12 times. During the economic downturn in 2008, I got involved with distressed homeowners when a couple of friends called on me. They were about to lose their homes. At that time I was retired from law for 3 years, so I referred these friends to another lawyer. They were not happy. These friends persuaded me to come out of retirement to help them. Because I was familiar with this area of the law, having worked on it in the Florida Senate, in 3 months I got them loan modifications. They were very relieved, satisfied, and happy. These two friends referred 35 new clients to me, and those 35 referred over 400 new clients. This is when I decided to open my own law firm.

Your Team is Ready. Today, after 35 years practicing law, I am retiring for the second time. In Florida most lawyers and borrowers know a judge will find in the bank’s favor once you acknowledge 1) you borrowed money to buy or refinance a property, and 2) you stopped making the payments. Nearly 99% of the time banks win and borrowers lose. I searched for and found another solution to satisfy the banks and the courts, and to help borrowers. Our skilled attorneys at the Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones, P.A. in many cases can win in court. However, we are also uniquely qualified to find other solutions because I experienced the threat of foreclosure myself, and later served on the board of a large bank for 10 years, chairing its audit committee. These experiences helped me understand how banks think and how to negotiate workable solutions with them. In addition, as an investment banker for 9 years I understand the securitization of mortgage loans.  As a result, our team comes to the table with a different perspective than foreclosure attorneys who are only familiar with one side of the equation.

The solutions for our clients are custom designed for each individual. The options range from foreclosure defense and loan modifications, to deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, sales of the current property to find a new one, and more. Every solution we offer is based on what our client wants to achieve. As a former Air Force fighter pilot, I taught my team to never give up. I am proud of them and the work they do. Here at the Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones, P.A. we fight relentlessly for our clients’ interests and their property.

This Team Can Succeed for You! If you measure success by helping clients remain in their home free from the threat of foreclosure, we are successful in more than 90% of our cases. Our promise is to give you the most effective and professional representation we are capable of providing to accomplish your measure of success. We will not accept your case unless we believe we can bring value to your situation. With Attorney Faequa Khan and this team, whom I have personally trained, you and your home are in excellent hands.