Laneen Recommends Daryl L. Jones

My house was in foreclosure for the 3rd time in 8 years. I had hired several attorneys over the coarse of the 8 years and spent lots of money defending the Lis Pendens. I was emotionally, physically, financially and psychologically paralyzed. I could no longer afford to fight the foreclosure. My previous attorney was too expensive to continue the fight and I had decided to give up and just walk away. But I have never been a person to give up on anything and thinking that my credit would be ruined for the next 7-10 years, I had to try something so that I may have a chance at rebuilding my life & credit. I started my finally search for an attorney when I came across Senator Jones. I read about him and the efforts he’s made to change things in the real estate market. I contacted his office in February, 2017 and met with Senator Jones to discuss the foreclosure defense. One thing I admired about Senator Jones was his honesty. He told me he couldn’t make any promises but would do his best to try to get me a loan modification based on my situation. 8 years was long time to be in foreclosure and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I had been successful in getting the previous foreclosures dismissed but not successful in getting a loan modification. Senator Jones did explain that he could take some time to work out the logistics of trying to get the loan modification but he did have some defenses that could work in my favor to get the loan modification. I wanted to think about whether or not I wanted to go through with months of fighting another foreclosure. At this point I had exhausted my savings and my retirement account and could not afford to continue for several more months. I met with Senator Jones again in March, 2017 to discuss my concerns and asked if there was any way I could walk away from the foreclosure without having to damage my credit. I told him I just wanted a fresh start and wanted his professional opinion. Senator Jones was very understanding and told me he could relate to my situation. He suggested that I could do a short sale of my home and one year after the sale, my credit would be restored. I asked him how long it would take to get through this process and he told me everything depends on the bank and how fast I wanted to move out. I told him at that point that I was ready go my June, 2017. He told me that he and his son Durel would do everything possible to make that happen for me and possibly get relocation assistance to help with the move. His fee was very reasonable and even more so if they sale could happen by June, 2017. We signed a contract with his office that day. I have to say that over the 8 years that I have dealt with attorneys, Senator Jones’ office/staff was the most professional. I met with his son Durel Jones and Attorney Faequa Khan to discuss strategy in getting the bank to accept the short sale as well as defend against any deficiencies the bank might seek after the short sale. Durel promised that he would keep me informed every step of the way and he certainly lived up to his word. I was referred to Ed Goldfarb, Realtor and his team who were tremendously essential in the short sale process. I’m happy to say that my house sold on June 12, 2017, 3 months after contracting with Senator Jones. The staff worked tremendously hard to get this process done quickly based on my situation and my needs. I’m so glad this ordeal is behind me and I am on the road to new and fresh start. Attorney Khan thanks to you for helping with the legal logistics and I’m elated the bank will not come after me for any deficiencies. Durel thank you for all the hard work in getting the servicing agent to review the documents timely and staying on top of them to ensure that this day was possible and for the relocation assistance. Thank Senator Jones for listening and honoring my wishes and thank you to your staff who were also tremendous with great customer service. I highly recommend Senator Jones.

– Laneen