Number of investors buying real estate in florida goes up in 2013

Despite rising home prices, the Florida real estate market appears to remain strong. While nine percent of home purchases in Florida were made by institutional investors in 2012, this number rose to 12 percent in 2013. On a national scale, seven percent of purchases in 2013 involved investor sales. There were 5.8 percent of sales made up by investors on a national scale in 2012.

Local investors appear concerned many large out-of-state investors are overpaying on homes and thus driving up prices. This would include Wall Street investors such as Blackrock that owns Invitation Homes. “It’s what I call the corporatization of residential America,” said the chief executive of a research and consulting business. This individual feels that homes in many communities are being purchased in large percentages by corporations. However, the long-term consequences for that community are not being discussed.

Commercial real estate disputes are complex to begin with.  Large investors are likely becoming involved in such investments because they view investments as a means of making even more money.  Unfortunately, this can place smaller investors at a disadvantage in the event that they are harmed due to the practices of large investors.

In such a market as this, commercial investors will require various real estate solutions that can be provided by capable real estate attorneys.  This can include handling of commercial closings or representation in the event of real estate disputes.  It can also involve consultation regarding possible red flags that could be raised during a commercial real estate offer.

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Source: The Palm Beach Post, “Florida real estate investor invasion,” Kim Miller, Jan. 27, 2014

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