Florida real estate dispute goes back to eminent domain action

A proposed Florida development has been delayed by officials who say they need more time to look over project information.  The information contained in the proposal was delivered by an attorney and concerns a legal dispute, property ownership and storm-water drainage.

The Main Street Redevelopment Board had three board members abstaining on any vote to go ahead with the proposed Daytona Boardwalk building due to possible conflicts of interest.  Other members of the board decided to put off discussion on the matter until the next meeting scheduled for March 12.

The City Redevelopment Director stated that technical and legal issued needed to be resolved. There has apparently been an effort to put a new hotel on a portion of the Boardwalk for around 25 years.

Though much of the land had been acquired a decade ago through eminent domain, a seizure of one particular piece of land resulted in a legal dispute. And even if a decision is made by the board, an appeal could be made by one of the parties to the City Commission.

Real estate disputes involving complex issues like eminent domain and building of commercial property require experienced representation. Attorneys who thoroughly understand real estate law and have provided a variety of real estate services are needed when these sorts of disputes arise. The transactions involved in such disputes can be complicated and may need to be traced back a number of years. Also resolution of the dispute can often determine which parties can control a particular piece of land.

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Source: The Daytona Beach News-Journal, “Board delays vote on building proposed for Daytona Boardwalk,” Eileen Zaffiro-Kean, Feb. 12, 2014

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