M&L Smith Recommends Daryl L. Jones

The stress of not knowing if you were going to have a home next month was tremendous. It took a toll on my family and my marriage. You go to bed every night thinking about it and it was the first thought upon awakening each morning. Loan companies will give you the run around and set you up to fail. Mr. Jones and his associates were able to competently negotiate with our loan company and saved us the frustration, time, and hassle. Most people give up because of this frustration, but Mr. Jones works for you the customer and gets the job done. My principal balance was reduced by $147,805.24 and my monthly payments went from $2,544.66 to $1,868.41 for a term of 22 years! The Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones, P.A., gave us hope when we thought all was lost. We were always kept up to date on our case status and his staff is beyond professional and hard working. I truly thank the firm for all their hard work.

– M&L Smith