Who may compete? What are your age requirements?

Young women between the ages of 18 years old and must not be older than 29 years old by January 1 of the competitions calendar year. Contestants must be single, divorced, widowed or never annulled a marriage. Contestants must have no children, cannot be pregnant or have given birth to a child. Contestant must live, work, own property or attend school in state or region she is representing for at least 6 months prior to pageant. To qualify for national pageant contestants may participate in an official state pageant or be awarded an appointed state titleholder. Please check our state pageant dates!

Do I need previous pageant experience?

NO! You do not need any pageant experience at all. Anyone can enter and win!

Can I be married or engaged?

Contestants may not be married or pregnant but can be engaged, to marry after reign. You must remain unmarried until pageant reign is complete unless national pageant office approves an addendum to contestant contract in writing. Contestants may have been divorced or widowed, however never had any marriage annulled. Contestants cannot be pregnant or have given birth to a child or adopted a child. We understand life happens, we love life and children, we honor marriage! Our titleholders are real women, and we get it, life happens, this pageant is for the modern young woman.

How do I apply?

To apply to become one of our inaugral state titleholders please contact us to inquire an invite by completing our application form online. You will then receive a formal invite via email to accept the invite, you will need to follow the steps in the email. We will then conduct a phone interview, promptly after you will recieve national office decision and your official welcome package in the mail! After the 2020 competition year, contestants will apply to their respective state pageant office to compete for their state title or the national office to become an appointed titleholder.

What are the areas of competition?

There are 4 equally weighed areas of competition. 25% Interview (2 phase) 25% Evening Gown 25% Talent or Spokesmodel (Delegate choice) 25% Swimsuit (One piece) There will be a preliminary show prior to finals. Opening Number is not scored, it is just for fun, it's okay if you cannot dance. Photogenic optional has no bearing on the national winner. Highest scorer in each area of competition will be awarded. We will announce Top 15, Top 10 and Top 5 before coronation.

What is a two phase interview? What should I wear for interview competition?

It takes more than 4 minutes to get to know someone, we believe! We have created the first ever double phase interview so we really can get to know you! Our titleholders must be friendly, approachable, relatable as a role model and influencer today. Phase 1 Private Interview will be 7 minutes interview panel style with judges and national directors/committee Phase 2 Social Media LIVE will be a group interview where state titleholders will be asked the same questions selected by the public while we LIVE stream on Facebook/Instagram. Tilteholders with the most comments/likes will win. Delegates will get voting instructions prior to nationals to prepare her supporters. Dress for success, dress fashionable and professionally, be you! Pants, jumpsuits, dress, powersuit your choice! You only get 1 first impression, well maybe 2!

Will there be a final on stage question?

Yes! The top finalists will be asked the same final question on stage before crowning of the new national winner.

What type of questions will be asked during interview?

During interview our goal is to get to know you. Judges will have access to your brief bio sheet listing charity work, awards and accomplishments and fun facts about you. The interview is all about you, so there is no wrong answer. Your opinions are not being critiqued or scored. It is important to be able to confidently articulate your beliefs and opinions with passion pleasantly and politely. We call it the 3Ps!

How much does the pageant cost?

There is a small non refundable application fee of $35, sometimes we have specials or giveaways, check social media often. To compete at the national pageant the total investment is 5 payments of $299 or pay in full with 15% off! Entry includes official state crown and rhinestone satin sash, souvenir T-shirt, delegate welcome gift bag, some meals pageant weekend, hotel room shared pageant weekend. Contestants also can expect to raise $100 scholarship/charity donation, custom opening number dress no more than $150 (delegates will recieve more info). If you would like to submit more than 1 photo for photogenic competition, it's $10 per photo entry, money raised will be donated to charity. State pageants entry fee ranges from $295-$495, varies by state. There is also a seperate $35 non refundable application fee and $50 scholarship/charity donation.

Is there a non compete clause?

Yes, there is a non compete clause for state titleholders during reign unless delegate receives written permission from pageant office prior to competing to avoid any contractual violations. The national titleholder must not compete in any pageant until her reign is complete. We do this because we want our titleholders to focus on their obligation and job for the year, it goes too fast!


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PHONE: (305) 969-3602


PHONE: (305) 969-3602


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