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August 2015 Archives

Benefits and risks of investing in real estate

Florida residents who get ahead on their finances may find themselves in the fortunate position of deciding what market to invest in. Many people may be considering stocks and real estate as potential investments. While investing in stocks is less cash intensive and takes much less of an investor's time, there are some significant benefits of investing in real estate that could make it a better choice.

Commercial real estate prices rising, worrying analysts

Florida residents who are interested in commercial real estate may be interested to learn of a recent report in the Wall Street Journal that as investors have driven up the real estate prices in hot markets, analysts are becoming more concerned that those markets are too hot. In certain U.S. cities such as Los Angeles and New York, the valuations of office buildings sold is reportedly the highest since they have been tracked.

The impact of information technology on the property market

Real estate buyers in Florida and around the country are now able to make more informed decisions thanks to the amount of data that is now widely available online. Property buyers can review comparable listings on real estate websites and see how much properties in a neighborhood have recently been sold for. However, property managers and developers have also benefited from recent advances in information technology.