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October 2014 Archives

Large office park near airport changes owners

Airport Corporate Center, an 11-building office park in Miami, was recently purchased by Strategic Partners U.S. for $132.3 million. The company, which is affiliated with CBRE Global Investors, bought the 45-acre property from Hines REIT Airport Corp Center LLC. The property is located next to Miami International Airport on Corporate Center Drive.

Foreclosure defense in Florida

Foreclosure actions can be frustrating, especially for those who are dealing with this situation in spite of efforts to work with a lender. In some cases, lender errors may be an issue. Additionally, it may be possible that an entity threatening foreclosure isn't truly entitled to do so. It is important to consider enlisting legal help if your efforts are meeting with resistance, especially if foreclosure papers have been served or if a sale date is set.

Land Use and Environmental Dispute Resolution Act

Landowners in Florida may benefit from reviewing the 2014 statutes concerning relief from burdens on real property rights. The Florida Land Use and Environment Resolution Act grants a real property owner the right to seek relief within 30 days of receiving a government entity's enforcement action or development order that is perceived to be unreasonable or creates an unfair burden.