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Corey and Marlo L. Recommends Daryl L. Jones

Our biggest goal is providing for our family, and keeping them safe. With our old mortgage payment of $1,597.80 it was getting difficult to keep a roof over their heads. We are ecstatic to say our new payment is $993.58 (INCLUDING TAXES AND INSURANCE!) Wow, in addition to this, our old principal balance was $210K, and now it's $114K. The interest rate went from a terrible 9.89% to an amazing 4.31%. The firm ALSO settled the 2nd mortgage of $49,000 for only $1,000.00. We both are beyond grateful that we made the right choice in choosing the Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones to represent us. I can look forward to a brighter and less expensive future.


– Corey and Marlo L.

Motion For Extension Of Time

This Motion Requests An Additional Forty-Five (45) Days From The Court To Buy You And Your Family Time.
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