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Foreclosure numbers declining

Fewer people in Florida are losing their homes to foreclosure, according to a recent report by CoreLogic. The report looked into the number of completed foreclosures, which indicates the number of people who actually ended up losing their homes as a result of foreclosure proceedings. Although nationwide foreclosure numbers are down, Florida still has more completed foreclosures than any other state.

In March, there were 41,000 completed foreclosures in the U.S. This figure represents a 15.5 percent decrease in the number of completed foreclosures when compared to figures from March 2014. When the number is compared to figures from September 2010, the time period when completed foreclosures were at their peak, it shows a 65.2 percent decrease in completed foreclosures.

Around 5.6 million homes have been lost in a completed foreclosure since September 2008. According to the study, Florida has significantly more completed foreclosures than any other state. From March 2014 to March 2015, there were 110,000 completed foreclosures in Florida. Michigan, the state with the second highest number of foreclosures, only had 50,000 completed foreclosures during the same period of time. Areas with the lowest number of completed foreclosures include South Dakota and Washington, D.C.

People in Florida who are at risk of losing their homes may have a number of different options to stop foreclosure proceedings from going forward. An attorney may be able to help a homeowner to determine whether any paperwork errors led to the foreclosure on their property or if the bank violated the law. Even if a foreclosure is legitimate, an attorney may be able to help a homeowner avoid foreclosure by seeking appropriate relief.

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