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March 2015 Archives

Foreclosure by power of sale is not allowed in Florida

Homeowners might be interested to learn about a type of foreclosure that is not legal in Florida. Available in 29 states, foreclosure by power of sale allows a mortgage holder to bypass the court system when selling a foreclosed property. Unlike foreclosure by judicial sale, foreclosure by power of sale does not involve the oversight of a judge.

Zuckerberg dispute over property agreement

Florida residents with an interest in real estate might know that Mark Zuckerberg was embroiled in a dispute associated with property he bought in California. According to court records, the Internet entrepreneur allegedly made promises to a developer in exchange for a price reduction on property he wished to purchase.

Nearby businesses and residential real estate values

People who are interested in purchasing a home in Florida may want to consider the location and type of businesses near the targeted residential areas in which they are looking. When certain businesses are located within a mile of a residential area, there is a demonstrated relationship between the business's location and a correlative increase in area home values.

Recommended preparations for closing the deal on a home purchase

The purchase of a residential property in Florida requires the efforts of several parties. The real estate agent, an attorney, a mortgage lender and a title company representative need to make sure all the paperwork is complete before a seller hands the keys to a buyer.