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February 2015 Archives

Short sales in Florida

If you are faced with the need to sell a home that is valued below the amount owed on it, you may be challenged in finding a buyer. However, a short sale may be a viable solution for your situation, enabling you to sell the home for a lesser amount. Because this situation doesn't satisfy your outstanding mortgage, it can be a bit complex and risky.

How title insurance can protect a new property owner

People who are buying property in Florida might want to purchase title insurance so that they are covered in case the title on their new home has any issues. Title insurance can provide a new property owner with financial compensation for any future consequences of old liens, rights to survivorship or third party claims to their property's natural resources.

Florida transfers of property

When a property owner sells his or her real estate to another person, the process involved is a legal one requiring several steps. The legal transfer of property is called conveyancing, and the transaction requires multiple documents that must be completed, filed and recorded correctly to avoid defects in title.