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Cease and desist letters in Florida

If you have been receiving repeated and harassing calls from debt collectors, you may feel a sense of dread whenever your telephone rings. The Federal Debt Collection Practices Act provides protection to debtors from certain third-party collector actions.

When a debt collector receives a cease and desist letter, they may make no further phone calls or contact attempts. In the event they continue to do so despite the letter, they are in violation and are subject to being fined and subject to contempt of court for every subsequent call or contact.

Direct creditors such as your mortgage lender are not covered under the FDCPA. If you retain an attorney, a letter of representation can be sent telling the creditor that all further communication must go through your attorney. If the problem involves your mortgage, you may then need to build a good foreclosure defense case in order to stop any action and save your home. In order to build a good defense, you will need to gather the documents needed to present as evidence.

At our law firm, we regularly help our clients end debt collector harassment and defend against foreclosure. We base our foreclosure defense strategy on documents we ask our clients to gather. Upon reviewing the documentation provided, we are better able to then help our clients choose the option best for their particular situation. In the event a client continues to be harassed by third party collectors after they have received a cease and desist letter, we litigate the issue in court to secure relief after helping to gather proof of the ongoing harassment. Whether you are dealing with numerous collection calls or are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, you may find more information on our harassing collection calls page.

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