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January 2015 Archives

Identifying information to include in real estate disclosures

Property owners from Florida might be wondering what kinds of real estate disclosures are required whenever a potential buyer is interested in the home. Any factor that might influence the valuation of the asset is required to disclose to the buyer. This could include any problems within the home that are known to the current owner.

Avoiding all kinds of real estate scams in Florida

Foreclosure rescue scammers abound these days in the face of high unemployment rates and real estate market issues that remain from previous years. They are companies and individuals who pretend to assist homeowners in financial trouble but are really only in it to make a profit no matter who gets hurt in the process. They do this by taking money from distressed consumers, stealing the equity in their home while giving them nothing.

A look at some alternatives to going through foreclosure

Miami residents who own residential real estate may be interested in an article discussing some alternatives to going through foreclosure. These alternatives can help to avoid the loss of a home when the borrower is unable to make mortgage payments.

Initiating a short sale in Florida

If you're looking to sell your home in Florida, the amount of money you still owe the bank on the property is an important consideration to bear in mind. If a home is sold for less than what is owed, the resulting difference is known as a deficiency, and this can sometimes lead to problems later on.