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November 2014 Archives

Protecting the rights of real property owners

Florida owners who are unfairly burdened by a government action may be eligible for financial or other forms of relief. This is true whether the law has infringed on the right of a property owner to carry out a vested right or an existing use of the property.

Important considerations for a successful short sale

Short sales might offer buyers a good deal on a new home in Florida, but the author of a book about the housing crisis warns that the homes being sold are those owned by people who have to sell. This could mean the homeowners have reasons for putting their property up for sale or are being forced out. To avoid ending up with a bad deal after a short sale, potential buyers should follow some simple guidelines.

How to increase the odds of a smooth closing

Closing on a purchase of residential real estate in Florida or any other state can be a complex process. However, there are steps that buyers can take to reduce the stress of the closing process. The first piece of advice experts give is to ask questions. Asking questions ahead of time can help a buyer prepare for the myriad of requirements that a lender or loan officer may have.

The dark side of the South Florida real estate boom

A 1930s condo complex in Surfside called Seaway Villas is at the center of an ugly fight between developers and the remaining condo owners who won't sell to them. The property occupies a prime location on Surfside Beach. Amid allegations of high-pressure schemes and conspiracy, the first apartment building ever built in Surfside is at the center of the city's attention, exposing the recent real-estate boom's dark side.