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Foreclosure defense in Florida

Foreclosure actions can be frustrating, especially for those who are dealing with this situation in spite of efforts to work with a lender. In some cases, lender errors may be an issue. Additionally, it may be possible that an entity threatening foreclosure isn't truly entitled to do so. It is important to consider enlisting legal help if your efforts are meeting with resistance, especially if foreclosure papers have been served or if a sale date is set.

Because there can be math errors on the part of a lender, it's helpful to have the numbers reviewed carefully. At times, banks can make errors in recording payment histories, an issue which could affect timing and legitimacy of foreclosure action. Careful review of these details may be helpful in putting a halt to foreclosure proceedings. This may allow for a solution to be negotiated with a lender.

In some cases, lenders do not hold the documents that legally allow for foreclosing on a property. An experienced legal team may be able to determine whether this is the case, addressing such legal issues with a lender. While some households end up in bankruptcy proceedings in order to put a stop to foreclosure action, this may not be necessary if other relevant issues are explored and firmly addressed by knowledgeable professionals.

Because time is short in a foreclosure situation, it is important to make prompt decisions about your response. You might choose to file a motion to extend. If you don't file such a motion, you are limited to a 20-day response period. Working with a team that is experienced in this area of real estate law may make a difference in addressing bank violations rather than resigning yourself to bankruptcy or the loss of your home. You can read our bank mistakes page to learn more.

Source: Law Offices of Daryl L. Jones, P.A., "Miami Foreclosure Defense Lawyers", October 15, 2014

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