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New development raises concerns among existing homeowners

Real estate developers and homeowners do not always see things from the same perspective.  While homeowners may be interested in the value of their property or the beauty of a particular area, certain developers may instead be interested in buying up a piece of land for as cheaply as possible and then intent on using the land to provide the best return on their investment.

In one Florida community the plans of developers to build 110 new single-family houses in a 27.11 acre development is being viewed unfavorably by some nearby residents.  There is concern that the construction will do great damage to trees and wildlife in the areas.  These homeowners would at the very least like to make certain that proper planning is conducted before the actual development begins.

Questions were asked at a meeting regarding the development if there were any plans on limiting the number of units that would be built. Concerns were also raised about increased traffic problems in the neighborhood and schooling for children that would be moving in. One other neighbor asked about what kind of housing was proposed to be built - was it going to be low-income housing, etc. Members of the Planning and Zoning Board attempted to address all of these concerns.

Attorneys can represent individuals when plans for new developments are taking place. While there will often be a variety of points of views when it comes to these matters, individuals that are homeowners or who plan on becoming homeowners will wish to have their side represented. Experienced real estate attorneys will have the resources to provide assistance.


Source: News Leader, "New housing, old debate on growth issues," Mary Maguire, April 8, 2014

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